Dr. Usha Ghiraiya

Professor, MDS, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

She is the woman of few words and big actions and calm as ocean. She was born to be a DENTIST; pretty sure she was also born with an airotor in her hand. She works towards her goals every day. She has made us all proud by being one of the first specialists in her field ! Her cool head is full of wisdom and experience and you can look upon her for some wise words when you need some!!

Dr. Rinky Nyachhyon

Associate Professor, MDS, Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology

Oral Radiology is a speciality in dentistry which deals with diagnosis and non surgical treatment of oral diseases, also the oral manifestations of systemic diseases. She has been doing this for over 5 years now and like they say “the eyes only see what the mind knows”. However difficult your condition may be, she can walk you through it as she is calm and jolly natured. The first treatment is always to be delivered to the mind, we assure you that she does it fairly well.

Dr. Pushkar Manandhar

Assistant Professor, MDS, Orthodontics

P for Persistence , P for Pushkar . Yes, that is how we would describe Dr Pushkar . He is true to his name, blooming with a smile and his friendly nature . A hit amongst the teenagers who he mostly treats for the braces

Dr. Kanchana Shreshtha

Associate Professor, MDS, Prosthodontics

Dr. kanchana is a maestro in dentistry with .. years of experience . Her swift thinking and light hands make a combination for this field. Her thirst for perfection is quenched only with quality work.

Dr. Samriddhi Vaidya

MDS , Implant Dentistry

A major perfectionist, she personally take care of each minute detail/step during the treatment. A smile that is stuck on to her face will make you super comfortable around her.

Dr. Sweta Shrestha

MDS, Periodontology and Oral Implantology

MDS, Periodontology and Oral Implantology with over 5 years of experience in treating gum diseases and General Dentistry as well. She speaks only when required, but you also know the saying, “Those who know more, speak less and Empty vessels make more noise”. She fits perfectly into the phrase.

Dr. Shaili Pradhan

Professor, MDS, Periodontics

Professor, MDS, Periodontics for 18 years now . We can say she is an ocean of knowledge, and always enthusiastic to do something new, a keen researcher. Very friendly with her patients and colleagues.

Dr. Ameena Pradhan

Associate Professor , MDS, Periodontology

Associate Professor, MDS, Periodontology with over 9 years of experience in treating gum diseases and a teacher at heart . She is someone who is very caring and will help her loved ones in every situation. She is always beaming with a smile on her face, and warmth in her attitude.

Dr. Sarita Joshi

Professor , MDS, Prosthodontics

Professor, MDS, Prosthodontics with over 18 years of experience in placing crowns and bridges. Emphasizing to deliver the best to her patients, she will take her time but make sure that the work is well done. Her experience and expertise is what you can place your confidence upon.

Dr. Tripti Lath

General Dental Practitioner

General Dental Practitioner for 5 years now. She was awarded the most outstanding student of the batch; and is keen on updating herself with technologies evolving in dentistry. Dr. Tripti focus is on full mouth rehabilitation of her patients and instilling a positive attitude in them towards oral care. She has a special affinity for her child patients and her skillful interaction with them ensures they are smiling throughout the appointment.