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We are a team of specialized doctors who can handle any challenging case. Each doctor is specialized in their field and treat you as per your informed needs...

One Stop Solution

TeethSavers is one stop solution for any dental problem of any age group. Our caring and compassionate team will help you have a comfortable dental experience, free of pain and anxiety.

Treatment Facilities

TeethSavers uses the world-class modern technology equipment in order to provide best facilities and care, so that you can walk out of our office smiling and never return back.

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About Teeth Saver

We are a team of passionate and experienced doctors who believe in giving 100% effort in-order to get you out of your dental problems. Our caring and compassionate team will help you have a comfortable dental experience, free of pain and anxiety; and help you walk out of our office smiling with confidence, hence fulfilling our motto of “Our Confidence Begins Here..”. We provide care using the most modern techniques and best materials available in the field of dentistry. We can proudly boast to be one of the first clinics to have a Dental Operating Microscope in Nepal.

Easy payment

We accept all international and national credit cards. we also provide necessary documents for your insurance reimbursement..

Meticulous sterilization

Dental practice can be a very dangerous place if one is not careful about their infection control. All the used instruments and surfaces undergo a rigorous procedure of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

Convenient appointments

Your appointments will be scheduled according to your convenience. Emergency appointments are also available.


We are located at the heart of the city at United World Trade Center, Tripureshwor, easily accessible with ample amount of parking lot.


Our Services

Dental Emergencies

Whether you chipped your tooth while eating or playing sports or have a nagging toothache, we are here to handle all of your dental emergencies. We have emergency appointments available during our office hours. If you have a dental emergency after hours, our caring dental professionals are here to help. Contact us on 01-4117021 / 9840267791. And we’ll get you in to see us as soon as possible.


Endodontics is the speciality in dentistry that deals with infections inside the tooth (the root canal system). The infection is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and invade the tooth. This can happen after:

  • tooth decay
  • leaky fillings
  • damage to teeth as a result of trauma due to an unfortunate fall/accident

When a root canal treatment is done using a dental operating microscope, uncertain endodontic therapy changes to secure endodontic therapy . Better magnification and illumination results in increased visibility, hence better treatment outcomes. We are proud to boast that we are one amongst the two clinics in Nepal to be equipped with this instrumental aide.



Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats malocclusion, a condition in which the teeth are not correctly positioned when the mouth is closed. This affects not only the looks, but also chewing system and also impairs proper oral hygine maintenance. An orthodontist specializes in making the teeth straight.

Treatment can be cosmetic, to improve a person’s appearance, but it often aims to improve oral function, too.Teeth alignment is done with braces and removable appliances.

Starting period:Treatment usually starts around the age of around 12 or 13 years, when the adult teeth have come through and developed fully.

Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry

The Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry services is also provided here and here you can find the details about these services:

Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry, sometimes called the “architects of the smile” is the dental specialty primarily concerned with the restoration and replacement of lost or damaged teeth. When it comes to planning and carrying out a full-scale smile makeover, Prosthodontist have a unique understanding of all the elements that go into a beautiful, functional and natural-looking smile, not just the teeth, but also the gums, lips, and facial features.



Our Qualified Doctors

Professor, MDS, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

She is the woman of few words and big actions and calm as ocean. She was born to be a DENTIST; pretty sure she was also born with an airotor in her ha...

Associate Professor, MDS, Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology

Oral Radiology is a speciality in dentistry which deals with diagnosis and non surgical treatment of oral diseases, also the oral manifestations of sy...

Assistant Professor, MDS, Orthodontics

P for Persistence , P for Pushkar . Yes, that is how we would describe Dr Pushkar . He is true to his name, blooming with a smile and his friendly nat...

Associate Professor, MDS, Prosthodontics

Dr. kanchana is a maestro in dentistry with .. years of experience . Her swift thinking and light hands make a combination for this field. Her thirst...


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